On this fateful day of 20 June 2017, KGSP-G scholarship has released their final announcement on the selected scholars for year 2017 at 5pm (Korean Time).

It has been 2 hours and the reality hasn’t sink in yet.

-drum rolls-


KGSP-G final scholar list

-spot my name-

It is definitely a big decision that I have made, seeing that I am actually having a steady career in the field that I like. So I guess this news may hit some of you by surprise haha.

And with that, I am picking up blogging again to record my journey and memories that I will be making in Korea. That aside, I will also be sharing some of the significant events/happenings during my application process (which took us literally 3 whole months) for future peeps that is interested to apply for this scholarship!

Aside from this life changing announcement (lol), I would also want to dedicate the first post of this blog to a number of people who has helped and supported me throughout these three months.

  1. First of all, thank God that He has given me strength and wisdom from the beginning and the end. It was not an easy journey, and the road from now on will only be harder.
  2. My Dad, whom has been my personal assistant/adviser especially during the application round. Also for being my ears for me to rant on how stressed I am because of the waiting/interviews/more waiting. He even told me that I can make it in my dreams!
  3. My Mum, who only knew about my application after I passed the first round (surprise, Mum!). Thank you for being my walking Wikipedia and Mama Google on Korean weather, dormitories, what should I wear for all 4 seasons and also sponsor for my new clothes etc etc etc. I know you are as excited as I am hehe.
  4. My friends in Hax Rollers (you know who you are), for bearing with my morning session rants/blues/freak out incidences for the past 3 months. It wasn’t easy to continue sleeping with like 100+ messages coming in your Whatsapp almost every morning at 9am haha. Thank you guys for believing that I can do it!
  5. My lecturers, Ms Chew, Dr Anthony and Dr Lai. Very very veryyyyyy huge thank you to Ms Chew for all your help in getting the recommendations letter for me. And also Dr Anthony and Dr Lai whom I believe, has written me good recommendations letter that has landed me this scholarship.
  6. And last but not least, I would also like to remember the late Dr Junus. I wish I could tell you personally that I got this scholarship. But I guess I won’t have a chance now. Thank you for your moral support when I emailed you about my application. I am eternally grateful for the help you have showered me all these while.


So that’s it for today! As I start my new journey, I hope my adventures and journey will inspire others to chase after your dreams and make it a reality.

Till next time…


2 thoughts on “I DID IT!

  1. The Lord is faithful. He never fails to open up impossible dreams for His children. Dad is thankful for the nation of South Korea for giving so much away for students all over the world to study in their country. I pray for the peace and prosperity of this great nation.

    I am a normal dad but I believe in a great God. What I cannot do, He does it for me. I only do my part.

    May the Good Lord be your guide always. Dad.


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