I left my job today

I tendered my resignation letter on 19th June.

It wasn’t the easiest decision to make. Seeing how at that point of time I haven’t gotten any confirmation on KGSP yet, I was having thoughts like “what happens if I don’t make it?”. It would be my biggest nightmare if I resigned and DID NOT get the scholarship. But somehow I knew that my interview with Yonsei went well and I just had the courage to go for it (i.e. tender my letter).


It is my last day today and I have been mentally prepping myself on all the farewells and goodbyes. I managed to still smile at everyone and bade everyone farewell light heartedly. But it wasn’t easy to just say goodbye to everyone that I have been working with for the past 2.5 years. I shared a close bond with those whom I work with closely. And having been seeing each other for the past 2.5 years EVERY WEEKDAY, it’s just kinda sad that tomorrow onwards I will not be seeing them as often anymore. Despite having stuff like FB and WhatsApp these days, but we all know that once I leave, things will never be the same again.

As I reminiscent back, I have actually been through quite a lot throughout my tenure in this company. It all started off with an email by a random headhunter. I just finished my last day of internship not too long ago and I was planning to have a few months’ break before jumping into the corporate ladder. But I guess God had different plans. The headhunter, who found my profile in LinkedIn approached me and asked if I am interested to go for an interview (for a position in marketing) in a trading house near my home. I was pretty sure my interest was in marketing by then but I didn’t expect an offer to come so quickly. Seeing how my other friends had such difficulty in finding a job, I just took the interview offer to “see how it goes”.

I wasn’t expecting much of the interview at first. I thought I would just go and gain some interview experience. I just did my best and before I knew it, I was offered a chance for a second interview. In the morning of the second interview, I can still remember my mum asking me, “Will you take up the job if they offer you the position in the interview there and then?”. And then I told her, “Nah, it’s impossible someone would offer me a job offer like RIGHT AFTER the interview.”

I WAS WRONG. My boss actually did offered me the position right after my presentation. I was so shocked at the fact that I am accepted into the work force wayyyy quicker (and easier) than expected. After a simple medical test, I ended up reporting to work immediately on 23/3/2015.

Being a complete freshie and with no prior experience in working for a trading house, things can be pretty overwhelming especially in the first month. I had no idea what was a CN/DN (credit note, debit note), invoice, price key, accruals etc etc. I had completely no clue on the work flow and I pretty much learned EVERYTHING from scratch.

I really gotta thank my boss for being sooooo patient with me. I am a really careless person (and a stubborn one too). But she still taught me patiently and I manage to keep up my learning progress and started taking on more responsibilities as time passes. I started off as a management trainee, handling 2 small brands (which we refer as housebrands).

Subsequently about 4 months down the road, I took in 2 more bigger brands . With a bigger portfolio comes a heavier responsibility. And at that point of time, even though skill wise I am not quite there yet, but I gotta man up and learn to handle these additional brands faster. So technically after working here for 4 months, I have been handling 4 brands concurrently right until my very last working day. And in Jan 2017, I swapped one of my smaller brands to a bigger one and I got promoted!

Being in marketing and brand management does have a lot of highs and lows. Personally I enjoyed this job a lot. Even though it is not my “dream job”, but I learned to love this job and be a dedicated “brand person”. Somehow I grew emotionally attached to the brands I handle and I always treat them as my “children”. Brands require a lot of attention. And working in a medium sized company means I am able to be exposed to many different areas like logistics, finance, warehousing and so on. We used to joke around that our job scope is “bao kah liao” (do everything under the sun), which has some element of truth in it because as the product executive you gotta know your brand, inside and out.

As I wrap up my last day, I am glad that I was able to meet a bunch of really fun colleagues. Despite our job scope require us to work solo 99% of the time, I am still glad that we still know how to have fun during events or outings. We actually make a very good team whereby everyone is really open and easy going. I used to be a really serious person back then (scientists cannot horseplay in the lab you know). But after meeting them, I guess they managed to rub off some goofiness on me.


This is us during our last lunch today! Missing a few people here though.

Before I left, I managed to go around to bid everyone goodbye AND of course, take some photos of the nooks and corners of my office.

20708218_10212221263518652_4259058946690507283_n.jpgThe stairwell where it all happened

This is exactly the place where I received the interview invitation phone call from the embassy. And this is where I did my first celebration (alone) when I found out that I qualified for the second round too! Very significant stairwell we have here haha!

In memory of my 2.5 years here, I wanna take a road down memory lane to remember what I have been through. These are the last things I wish I would forget. And while the memories are still fresh, I want to write all of these down.

  1. First trip with colleagues to LangkawiCIMG8523

We escaped to Langkawi during a 3 day long weekend and had a blast!

2. Company trip to Yangon, Myanmmar

CIMG4921-omg I was so thin back then (actually just last year)-

We had one of our sales meeting in Yangon. I thought I would never visit Myanmar for the whole of my life. But thanks to this opportunity, we spent 4 fruitful days there and get to explore the town. Here is me and one of my colleague posing in front of the famous Shwedagon Pagoda.



Did I mention that being involved with brands comes with additional perks like movie premiers and exclusive launches? Here’s one of the movie premieres that I have went to. Another one I have been to (which I can remember) is the X-Men Apocalypse premiere hehe.

4.  My cosy corner of my desk

IMG_20170116_180542.jpg-spot the Trolls special edition magnet-

Despite reading some articles online on how we should NOT put personal stuffs like photos on our work desk, to me I just did what makes me comfortable. Personally I like taking photos (of myself, yes.) and I like adding a personal touch to my things. Since I am spending at least 8 hrs every weekday on this desk, I reckon having some personal touches wouldn’t hurt.

And there is a meaning to everything that was on display too! The graduation bear and my graduation photo is there to remind me that no matter how tough my day is going on, I will still manage to pull through it like how I managed to pass with flying colours for my degree. This photo is a daily reminder that nothing is impossible and we can overcome everything that comes our way. There is a time where all the difficulty will pass and the end result will be sweet (like my graduation).

I also included a family photo because being able to look at mum and dad during a tough day reminds me that there are still someone who will be there no matter how hard it gets. AND having Asian parents also means that I was brought up in a “YOU MUST DO WELL AND SUCCEED” mentality. So I guess it drives a bit of motivation up my sleeves as well? :p


All in all, it has been a really fruitful and eventful 2.5 years. They say everything happens for a reason. And I believe I was there, for that 2.5 years, for a reason. And as I walk out today, I gained not just work experience, but I also take away friendships and great memories. I will never forget all our steamboat sessions and karaoke sessions that we had. And of course, the epic performance of Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance by one of our colleagues will always be remembered AHAHAHAHAHA.

One very important thing that my boss told me during our year end evaluation last year was that my education background do not matter. Marketing is not about education background, it is about your passion. The more passionate you are, the better marketer you are. This advice strikes a chord in me as it indicates that my hard work and dedication does pay off with the success of the brands I am handling. It reflects directly on the brand performance and I am so glad that my brands are striving well now. It is like seeing your own children grow up to reach their potential.

People always ask each other if they wanna go back to some point in life and live their lives differently. But for me, if I can go back in time to that interview where the job was offered to me, I would still say….




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